Cbc Collective Agreement 2019

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Canada`s national broadcaster, recently ratified a new collective agreement in 2019. The agreement covers over 5,500 employees across the country, including journalists, producers, technicians, and administrative staff.

The new agreement was reached after months of negotiations between the CBC and the Canadian Media Guild (CMG), the union that represents the majority of CBC employees. The agreement includes wage increases, improved benefits, and job security measures.

One of the most significant changes in the new agreement is the creation of a new category of permanent positions called “regular part-time” employees. This new category of employees will receive many of the same benefits as full-time employees, including paid vacation and health benefits, but will work fewer hours per week.

Additionally, the agreement includes measures to improve job security for employees, including a commitment to filling vacant positions and a requirement for the CBC to offer open positions to current employees before hiring external candidates.

The agreement also includes provisions related to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The CBC has committed to developing programs to increase the representation of women, Indigenous peoples, and people with disabilities in its workforce.

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